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Photo courtesey of: Nigel Apperley

Susanna has a keen interest in working with young musicians of all ages, from the newest of orchestral players to advanced university and music conservatoire students. More than 25 years of experience working in the London orchestral profession, place Susanna in a unique position as a conductor - being able to pass on advice and know-how from the professional platform, directly to her players. These advantages are never more obvious than in her work with advanced young musicians, university and conservatoire students. 


Performing numerous interpretations of works under many of the world’s conducting greats, has afforded Susanna a vast knowledge on performance styles, the use of orchestral tonal colours, articulation, rhythmic pitfalls and the general demands and expectations that are regularly placed upon the players. Susanna offers young musicians an invaluable insight into the professional orchestral world. 


Combine this with many years of teaching the cello, working as a coach for various university/conservatoire level orchestral projects, and coaching students and new-pros on audition preparation (including the vital orchestral extracts requirements), Susanna is well equipped to understand and to be able to advise on the challenges that today’s young musicians face. 


Her influences however, are not restricted to solely advanced young musicians and university and conservatoire students. Susanna has regularly conducted Side-by-Side orchestral projects (youngsters sitting with professional orchestral players), and at music centres and concert festivals across the UK. Such sessions allow young musicians to tackle more ambitious programmes than they would usually be involved with, whilst having the benefit of a professional musician beside them to individually guide and advise as they play, and thanks to many years as an Education Workshop Leader for the London Philharmonic Orchestra’s Education Department, Susanna has gained extensive experience of planning ensemble projects, as well as leading teams of professional musicians. She has organised and directed numerous Orchestral Introduction Playing Days, which are often a young musician’s first experience of playing in a larger ensemble. With the assistance of a team of mentors (either professional musicians or students) these sessions can include instrumental sectional training, full rehearsals and a performance at the end of the project. 

Susanna’s work also extends to semi-pro and professional orchestral projects. With a long list of rewarding and challenging repertoire under her belt, along with years of experience in presenting concerts, guiding teams of staff and adult volunteers, Susanna is equally happy to communicate with and lead orchestral teams of all ages.  

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