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“As a professional soloist who has sung with many top international conductors, I am quite in awe of Susanna’s skill. Not only does she have the technique, musicality and personality to take young inexperienced players and help them to fall in love with the orchestral repertoire, but she manages to create a whole which far transcends the sum of its parts, producing powerful performances of unexpected polish, atmosphere and flair. I feel incredibly fortunate that my son and daughter, both now at Music College, were exposed to her inspirational musicality at a formative age.” 

Lynton Atkinson - Singer & Professor of Singing - Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance 


"Two wonderfully amazing days, one amazing woman, please can I have her on my shoulder when I'm conducting?"

Staff member, East Sussex Music Hub, speaking after a conducting training course led by Susanna.



“For a number of years, I have been involved in coaching sessions for the Wessex Youth Orchestra as it prepares for performances under the baton of Susanna Riddell. She has a great rapport with the students and her conducting style is clear and concise, motivating the diverse talents of the young players to give of their very best as a whole. These qualities combine with her natural musicianship and ability to communicate clearly to the young players, which has led to the orchestra winning prestigious prizes, appearances at the Royal Albert Hall and tours abroad. Through her conducting role, Susanna has instilled great flair and enthusiasm in her players and the orchestra continues to grow in stature.” 

Edward Kay - Principal Oboe, Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra 




“I have known Susanna Riddell for approximately 20 years. In recent years, her interest in the musical development of young people has come to the fore. Fortunately, she is completely comfortable and competent in this sphere. I have witnessed some tremendously impressive performances by the Wessex Youth Orchestra, under her direction. Due to the clarity of her beat and her feeling for pulse, the rhythmic energy and impeccable ensemble of the group become immediately obvious. She is also at the stage in her career where she has gained the experience necessary to display excellent judgement in her approach to projects.” 

Geoffrey Lynn, ARCM (Hons.) Violinist, London Philharmonic Orchestra 

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